A non-antibiotic secret to eliminate bacteria from surgery – introducing Simini Protect

Carl Damiani explores the science and reasoning behind Simini Protect Lavage and Gel, demonstrating the need for surgeons to take control and reduce the risk of surgical infections.

Simini Protect Lavage offers pre-op and intra-op protection against bacteria and Simini Protect Gel provides post-op protection. Saline only acts as a rinse and dilution and has no activity. Real in-surgery protection comes from lavaging with a product specifically designed to eliminate bacteria. With just two easy steps Simini Protect Lavage and Simini Protect Gel can offer peace of mind for any surgical procedure.

This video explores the research behind these products, their ingredients and the potential uses. Post-surgical infections are a very real concern for vets and vet nurses alike, not to mention owners who worry that their animal will experience complications during recovery. Given the number of steps required to prep for surgery and the complexities of surgery itself there are any number of potential ways for bacteria to be introduced. Simini Protect is a quick and simple way of protecting against such infections. Watch the video to find out more.

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