Activated carbon and silver wound dressings for equine injuries – introduction to Equi-Med Ag

Equi-Med Ag's founder and inventor Kay Thirkell and Nupsala's Greg McGarrell discuss the science behind the use of activated carbon and silver for wound healing and Equi-Med's bandage dressing.
Video Length: 37:43

This webinar covers a series of diverse case studies where Equi-Med Ag dressings have been used to heal wounds and skin conditions. The equine case studies include pastern dermatitis (mud fever), severe lacerations and exposed extensor tendons. There are also applications for small animals so the case studies in this video touch on those too. The video also looks at the easy-to-use Equi-Med Ag Stable Boot which contains activated carbon and silver and is ideal for use on mud fever cases or minor wounds being treated at home.

The Equi-Med Ag dressing can be purchased online here and is suitable for equine and small animal use.

The Equi-Med Ag stable boot for horses and ponies can be purchased online here.

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