Canine intraarticular injection technique – a detailed guide for veterinary surgeons

Karen Cook BA VetMB BSc (Hons) MRCVS presents an informative webinar on the technique for intraarticular injections in canine patients. She covers the equipment needed, techniques for different joint types, landmarks for positioning, possible difficulties you might encounter and hints and tips to make the job easier.
Video Length: 31:12

The joints covered by video (in conjunction with Professor Stuart Carmichael BVMS MVM DSAO FRCVS) and photographic demonstration are: shoulder, elbow, carpal, hip, stifle and hock. Karen also touches on how you might use the same techniques in cats. She engages in discussion throughout with Nupsala’s Greg McGarrell who also offers useful tips and insight into these procedures.

Visit the Nupsala Veterinary Services website to find out more about the types of products vets use for these joint injections.

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